Friday, February 12, 2010

Party hat with Korkers Tutorial

Step 1. - Make the korker ribbons- I use the tutorial from The Ribbon Retreat (click on the previous words to access the ribbon retreat tutorial). Follow the instructions in the tutorial (only need to do page 1) and make several at one time so that you have a stash of them that you can easily access each time you are going to use this applique. ( I don't want to have to bake ribbon each time i stitch out the party hat so i make several colors, and several dowels worth of korkers). (I used 3/8 inch ribbon but I am going to try the next smaller size -it may be the 1/8 inch ribbon)

2. I went a head and used my sewing machine to stitch the corkers together. this will make it easier for you when you have to tack down the korkers in the applique design. ( I used my button mode and just stitch sided to side in the same place)

3. Load Applique Design into your embroidery machine.

4. Next hoop the material your finished design will be on. There are a variety of stabilizers that you can use. (i will post another entry on stabilizer). I have a pr620 so many times i use my fast frame hoops and I use Sulky Sticky +™, a self-adhesive, tear-away stabilizer.Between the bottom of the hoop and the needle plate I have another 'floating' layer of stabilizer.

5. The Placement stitch for the korker ribbons will stitch out first-You can use any thread color you want; it's going to be covered anyway.

6. Next, you will need to place the end of the korkers right over that placement stitch and hold them in place while the tack down stitch for the korkers sews out. keep your fingers clear of the needle/s. I say that from painful experience. You can use any thread color you want; it's going to be covered anyway.

7. snip the edges of the ribbon below the tack down stitch. (see pics below) If you would like to ensure that the ribbon doesn't fray you may want to use some fray check.

9. Next the placement stitch for the hat will sew out.

10. Place your applique fabric over the outline. You can use temporary fabric spray adhesive or you can hold the fabric in place so it doesn't pucker or bunch up on you. if you choose to hold the fabric in place watch out for your fingers. The tack down stitch will sew next.

11. Remove the hoop from the machine but don't un-hoop! Cut away the excess applique fabric from around the tacking stitch.Get close to the stitches but try not to cut them.

12. steps 6-8 will be repeated for the pom pom circles at the bottom of the hat.

13. Final Stitches- Put the hoop back on the machine and push the button. There should be 2 Sets of stitches your machine will now run another tacking stitch around the pattern. In my designs its a zig zag stitch and it is like a double check in case you cut a stitch or two while trimming. Then the final outline stitch is applied, putting the finishing touch on your applique. This is usually a satin stitch but in some cases could be a vintage, diamond or a variety of other stitches. (make sure to hold the korkers out of the way when the tip of the hat is being stitched)
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